About Me

This page is due for a BIG rewrite. In the meantime, you can still read my posts to find out what kind of guy I am.

I also encourage you to leave comments. I LOVE COMMENTS!!!

17 Responses to About Me

  1. The Pinoy Herbalist says:

    Nice Blog, and good to see you on MartialTalk!

  2. wcman1976 says:

    Thanks! Good to know I am having a good impact on people. What is your user name on MartialTalk?

  3. You appear to be very skilled within the way you write.::’~*

  4. Michael Ng says:

    Hi, I have a question. I have been doing Asylum for 6 months and recently i had stopped because i like start taking up Wing Chun for the last 3 months. I want to start doing Asylum again. Do you think that doing beach body Asylum as a work out on my off days from Wing Chun classes is a good idea?

    • wcman1976 says:


      I have yet to do Asylum myself, although I know it has a 6 day per week workout schedule. In other words, it would run into some days where you have wing chun class. Does your school already do a workout to warm up before you actually get into wing chun? If not, then I think it would be okay to do Asylum the same day as class. And not for nothing, but wing chun isn’t the most aerobically-taxing martial art out there. As long as you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, you can still do both on the same day. The only wild card here is that I don’t know if your school does a warm-up workout.

      Tell you what: drop me an email, and we can discuss this more in depth. Watch for one from me too: WCman1976@yahoo.com

  5. Thank you for following our blog. We sincerely appreciate your support.

    -Marpay Fitness

    • wcman1976 says:

      Thank YOU for visiting me and liking my blog! If you are interested in anything further, I am available to respond either here or via email. Just visit my “contact me” page.

  6. I just had a rapid look at your blog and I see there is plenty of very interesting info. It seems you have been developing an articulated idea about what a complete martial training should be, based on your own direct experience: that is to say, the most reliable proof that you are seriously engaged in your own research. I will visit your blog again!

  7. what can you pick or which u think is better curves or Weight Watchers?

  8. wcman1976 says:

    I would say join Weight Watchers for two reasons: (1) With Curves, the only way you get any fitness gains is if you go on a consistent basis. I can’t tell you how many people I know have gym memberships that aren’t used. (2) When it comes to Weight Watchers, you may not be able to make every meeting, but you CAN take what you learn there and apply it by yourself on a daily basis.

    My advice: go with Weight Watchers for help with eating, and join up with me for a home-based exercise routine!

  9. musingsofkb says:

    Excellent communications with this guy, a pleasure to chat to :)

    A very insightful blog – I could be on your site for hours making my way through all your articles!

    Thanks again Steve

  10. wcman1976 says:

    Thanks! Don’t you have a blog here on WordPress too? I can’t seem to find your link.

    As for making your way through my articles, I hope you do! I enjoy all the comments I have been seeing lately, but it makes me wish people had gotten on board with me sooner and commented on some of the earlier stuff. :-)

  11. jacquiegum says:

    What great content! WOW…there is so much here to read about. I work out with a trainer, but mostly strength stuff.I’ll be winding my way through all this….thanks!

  12. Will definitely be checking back!

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