Why P90X and Other Products Are NOT a Waste of Money

Okay, this is the only attention I am going to pay to this. Recently a person criticized me for promoting Beachbody instead of “traditional” forms of exercising. (And unlike that person, who said they weren’t trying to bash me but then put a link right to my page in their blog, I am NOT going to name names. Just a question for the general public: if you really WEREN’T trying to bash someone, then why would you name them? Wouldn’t you just leave them out of it?) The two main criticisms: (1) P90X don’t give the results promised on the commercials, and (2) it’s a waste of money when you could just get a gym membership.

First of all: results. I would love to know how long this person even TRIED P90X or any of these products, given that you have to actually BUY the damn things to know how they work. Even after you buy them, you can’t do the product for a week and then get mad that you don’t have results. Also if they had bought the product and tried it out, then this person would know there is a money back guarantee if you don’t like the videos…within a certain amount of days, naturally, but it’s not like that “certain amount” is only five days or something. You get to keep it long enough to determine if you are really getting any results. Another point I would like to make: if P90X weren’t effective, then it would have died out long ago. Things that have no useful purpose tend to do that. Team Beachbody has been around long enough (since 2003) where, if people thought it sucked, word would have gotten around and sales would have dropped until they went out of business.

(A brief interjection between points here: this person also talked about how they read online and did a lot of research before getting into exercise. The conclusion I draw from that? This person apparently thinks I have never read about fitness for the past 16 years of my life, and that I picked up on Tony Horton just because some commercial told me to and I followed it like a mindless sheep. When I was a freshman in college in 1994, I finally took notice of how annoyingly huge my gut was. Over the years I never could find a fitness program I liked, and now I did with Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer videos. I like it…I buy the videos. If this person doesn’t agree, then here’s the great thing: it is money out of MY wallet…not theirs!)

Two: cost of a DVD set versus a gym membership. Okay, let’s compare here. (And we are going to exclude the part about the cost of dumbbells because you would be buying them for home if you did P90X as well.) Let’s say the DVD set of the original P90X cost $120. Now you go to your local gym and the membership is $40 per month. (I haven’t been a member of a gym in ages, so that estimate might be too high or too low.) After three months, you have already spent what it would cost you to buy P90X ONCE. What happens if you don’t have that extra $40 by month four? The person who bought P90X is still working out at home, the person who is going to the gym is turning out their empty pockets, wondering how they’re going to maintain their exercise routine.

I want to say here that I am NOT knocking gyms just because I don’t go to them. Unlike this other person, I understand my way is not for everyone. I equate their statement with someone saying to me wing chun sucks just because they practice karate. For me, the home workout stuff is better. A quick rundown of my schedule proves that. I work a five day work week, just like most people. Four days out of five, I work 12-hour days. (I have four kids, so the overtime is kind of a necessity, especially since I am only a grade 6 with the state). The last thing I want to do after such a long day is drag myself across town to a gym, work out, and THEN finally get to go home. Not only that, but most gyms are closed by the time I get out (8:30PM). There are some that operate 24-7, but guess what? The monthly cost for them is WAY out of my budget. I got four kids for God’s sake! Am I not entitled to get fit just because I’m a father? Of course I’m entitled! And the only effective way for me to do that is to have a workout program I can follow at home.

You can go through life criticizing everyone who does something different from you if you like. I prefer the old cliche, “Live and let live.” Oh, and one other phrase I live by:



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