10 Minute Trainer: Day 7 (Core Cardio-Total Body)

Well, so much for thinking I was ready for 30 minutes per day! The jury is still out on that one. Today I was sweating (and I mean DRIPPING) maybe halfway through core cardio. I believe there are two reasons for this. (1) I was up late last night talking to a friend of mine about a creative project we’re about to embark on together, so I think maybe my lack of sleep led to the early breakout. (2) As I made my way through the second workout, I realized I felt the burn setting in already, almost as if I had never done 10 Minute Trainer in my life. Then it hit me: with the way the autoschedule schedules certain workouts so far apart, I believe you are engaging in something that P90X practitioners will recognize right away: a little thing called the muscle confusion theory. And why not? It makes sense. Tony Horton is a fan of that…Tony Horton created P90X…Tony Horton created 10 Minute Trainer. Pretty neat huh?

Now on to wing chun news. Last night I went to class and got to ask Sifu a TON of questions about the second form, chum kiu. With all the knowledge I got last night, I know what I have to focus on, and I expect to experience my wing chun improve by quantum leaps from this day forward. Here are the notes I took about the things I need to watch out for. This may not be interesting to most of you, but that isn’t the point. The more I write down what I need to improve, the more I will be able to remember the list without needing to have it with me. If you feel like seeing the sections of the form I am discussing, then go to my Youtube page and watch my chum kiu video. (See link below.)


Section 1

*Practice the opening hand movements (double tan, snip down to double gan, back fist, chamber). For some reason the energy never feels right when I do it the first time.

Section 2

*The double lan sao section is where pivoting starts. Practice turning the body so it moves ALL AS ONE UNIT. Sometimes it feels like the top half of my body pivots ahead of the lower half, or vice versa.
*Another pivoting note: I haven’t been turning my hips enough with the pivot.
*REMEMBER THIS PART: You pivot three times with double lan sao. Then you do double fak sao. The hands flip over to double tan sao. When your first hand comes back, it does a PAK SAO at the crook of the elbow while the forward hand does TAN SAO.
*REMEMBER THIS PART: After the pak and tan motion, the next three pak saos are done like chain punches. One hand drops, and the next pak sao comes over the top.
*After three pak saos, when you pivot to the other side with the single lan sao, the ARM leads the pivot.
*Keep practicing the lap sao-punch-pivot with fak sao to the side. The lap sao-punch could be better.

Section 3

*To get the right feel for this section, think of the lan sao as “winding you up” for the kick.
*When you do the “bong sao, step” part of the section, your torso is turned at an angle.
*This is the section where kicks are introduced. It feels like I am sticking my butt out when I kick. I need to be more conscious of that.

Well, I know today was a long post…but hey, give me a break. I haven’t written one this long in ages…I deserved it! Anyway, here is the Youtube link.



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  1. Arlene Thredgill says:

    You should add some videos of you working out on your YouTube Channel. It would be informative!

    • wcman1976 says:

      I have thought about doing just that. My camcorder records in a weird format that doesn’t let me post to Youtube. However, I am hunting down a converter that will get it into the proper format.

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