10 Minute Trainer: Day 11 (Total Body 2-Cardio-Friday Night Arms)

Now THIS was a workout to write home about! Over the weekend I managed to find the door attachment that I lost for my resistance bands, which enabled me to successfully do the Total Body 2 workout. (If I hadn’t found it, then I would have had to do Total Body 1.) The best part of this routine were the abdominal exercises. When I was done, man were they burning!

I tried the cardio workout using the door attached and the resistance belt, but I didn’t like it that much. About two minutes in, I took the belt off and did the workout like I normally would.

Then we got to the moment I have been waiting for: FRIDAY NIGHT ARMS!!! Oh man, this was an awesome routine! Finally a workout that incorporates several different and interesting movements for forearms! In the past all I ever did were boring old forearm curls, where I would kneel down and rest my arm across a workout bench so that my hand hung over the other side. Then I would do curls with a dumbbell: one set for the inner forearm, one for the outer. I think what made it interesting wasn’t that Tony Horton’s exercises were all that different (after all, those ARE the only two parts of the forearm to work out), but because he has you doing so much before AND after the curls that you don’t really get bored. The bicep and tricep parts of this workout were also top notch. In fact, I loved this particular routine so much that I am considering adding it in to my workout schedule every third day (since, including today, I have 18 days left to my schedule). This means some days would be a mighty 40 MINUTES LONG!!!! For me, that is a lot of time!

Why am I so obsessed with the forearm part? It’s an easy answer, and you can probably see it coming: yes, wing chun. Since the style I practice uses mostly arms, it is a very special benefit to have every part of your arm conditioned. Forearm strength is especially useful for a technique called lap sao, which translates to something like “grabbing hand.” Here is a brief video about it.


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