P90X: Day 1 (Chest and Back-Ab Ripper X)

Yes, I have finally joined the ranks of 95% of Team Beachbody participants and did P90X tonight. It was a real eye-opening experience because I found out I could not do one single damn pull-up! How the hell can my arms be THAT weak? I had to use the chair, but then I felt like I was boosting myself up by my leg instead of pulling myself up by the arms!!! Some consulting time with Coach Shu should help me out here. Also, for Ab Ripper X, I was once again feeling most of the moves irritate my lower back long before my abs felt ANY kind of burn. Now that the holidays are gone, I really need to get in and see a physical therapist.


About Steve Grogan

I am 40 years old, divorced, and a father of four kids. I am a practitioner of a self-defense system called wing chun kung fu. My other hobbies include writing, playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. Recently I have gotten back into fitness, and this time I am DETERMINED to get the washboard abs...whether my metabolism will cooperate with me or not! The purpose of this blog is to write not only about my hobbies, but also about whatever crosses my mind, whether it is something I don't understand or something that aggravates me. So join me as I indulge my tendency to think too much about topics that don't usually cross anyone else's mind!
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