P90X: Day 6 (Kenpo X)

This is the day I have been waiting for, given how important the martial arts is to my life. I modified the kenpo moves to the way wing chun would do them (for example, the blocks aren’t as exaggerated) and I still got one hell of a sweat going. For some moves I was able to completely replace them. An example of this would be the back knuckles part; instead of doing that, I did the “double fak sao” move that can be seen in the first wing chun form called “sil lum tao.” I am already formulating the beginnings of a wing chun-based workout in my head, although I want to share the information with Coach Shu first. He knows the workout better, I know wing chun better, so our different forms of knowledge compliment each other. Should be a blast!

Also, today I did the first two empty hand forms as well as the “one to ten, ten to one” drill. Still have one more empty hand form to do, plus maybe go through the wooden dummy form (even though I don’t have a wooden dummy), and the punching with weights drill.


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