P90X: Day 11 (Yoga X)

Yes, the one day of the week I dread the most…not because it’s hard, but because it is so BORING. I am not going to keep my hatred of Yoga X a secret. There is no reason this thing had to be an hour and a half long. You know what I did for the first half? My wing chun forms and my punching drills…not to mention some important phone calls!!! LOL Yes, it really does bore me THAT much. For some reason once Tony and company go into the tree stretch, I can hang with the video from that point on. Maybe it’s because for the first half there is way too much of that “back to downward dog, back to plan, swing the foot through, runner’s stance” crap. What I did the first time was I just stood there and waited until Tony got to the poses like warrior one, twisted moon, or what have you. I HATE all that downward dog-plank stuff.

Question: Could I replace this with just a couple repetitions of 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex? I don’t want to skip yoga completely, but I cannot STAND this workout.


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