P90X: Day 20 (Kenpo X)

My new version of Kenpo X came just in time for today. This one will always be my favorite. The only part I don’t like are when they do any back kicks because there really are no back kicks in wing chun. Obviously it is NOT the ideal situation to have your opponent behind you. However, I feel that a true martial artist needs to learn them because if you are being attacked by more than one person, you might not have time to turn around and a back kick would be in order.

I am not sure what to do yet with my wing chun-based workout. As I watch Tony and crew go through the moves, I realize some sections of MY routine could consist of the exact same moves, except done in a wing chun way. (EXAMPLE: During the “ball kick” section, they kick with the rear leg. A wing chun person would kick with the front leg. Why? You may lose power, but you gain speed. It doesn’t matter if your opponent can hit harder than you…if they never land a hit.)

So here is the question: do I follow a similar pattern to Tony, except modified to a wing chun way, or do I just develop an entirely different section from scratch?


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