P90X: Day 23 (Core Synergistics)

This is just what I needed. To be honest I was falling into the same rut with P90X that I was when I owned only the basic set of 10 Minute Trainer DVDs: I was starting to hope for some variety…and then along came Core Synergistics, and my excitement over this program received yet another boost (The first one came when I started it out on January 2.)

I don’t know what it was about this workout, but it was the first time (aside from 10 Minute Abs, which related more to my back problems than weak abs problems) that I felt like I wouldn’t make it through. It was brutal…and beautiful. There were some moves I couldn’t even do (again, thanks to my back), but I was able to keep pace with everyone about 75-80% of the time. Not back for a guy who was voted Most Likely to Stay Blubbery in my graduating class.

In other big news today, I finally sat down and hammered out a rough draft for my wing chun exercise routine (both warm-ups and the workout itself). The only missing piece of the puzzle is a cool down section, which I will work on soon. It’s amazing to me that I have been thinking about developing this routine ever since summer, when I first heard of Kenpo X. Then, after finally viewing kenpo, I was like, “Damn…how am I going to do this?” After all that, I sit down with pen, paper, and my Kenpo X notes…and pretty much build the thing all in one day!

Just goes to show you: when you see a problem from far away, it turns out to not be as big as you though once you finally get up close to take it on.


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