Wing Chun Class Tonight: Unexpected Rush

Tonight I was supposed to attend a class at 6pm that would help me learn how to manage my money and get out of debt. I had to get off exit 2W from I87 and then look for Holland Avenue. I thought it was the third street on my left but, when I got there, I saw one called Lincoln Avenue. So I decided to call the place where the class was being held to ask if I had passed the street already. To my surprise, they told me the class was cancelled. I said, “I never got an email.” The lady told me she sent it to my OLD email address, even though I had written to them making it clear I had a new one.

Not wanting to have gone all the way over there for nothing, I flipped around so I could go to wing chun. There were a LOT of people there tonight. Sifu had us do something we haven’t done in ages: the entire class ran through sil lum tao together. After that, the people who knew chum kiu went through THAT form. Last but not least two senior students (Matt and Syed) and I ran through biu jee.

After that, Sifu took two brand new students out in the hall and let the rest of us work on forms and/or chi sao inside the school. He told one of the newer students (Kevin) to ask ME any questions he might have about sil lum tao. I watched Kevin go through the form, giving him little tips as he progressed. He told me there were two sections of the form he didn’t know yet: the bong sao-tan sao-tak sao section and the lut sao section (the last two parts of the form). I told him to practice what he knew while I went to ask Sifu if he wanted me to show Kevin the final moves of the form. Seconds later, Sifu gave me the go ahead to teach Kevin the proper way to do these sections.

What is the point I am driving at here? Well, all throughout this part of class I noticed one thing about myself: I was speaking in a slow, determined, clear voice. On top of that I was projecting. Part of this was because Matt was practicing on the wooden dummy and I had to talk over the noise, but I knew the other part was because I was confident about what I was saying…the WAY I was describing the techniques to him and the tips I had on how to refine his execution of them. I thought to myself, “Man, if all I talked about all day was wing chun, people would think I am the most confident bastard in the world!” But then again, I realized they would also think I’m the most BORING…because all I talk about is wing chun!

It just gave me quite a rush, that I was saying these things and they clicked with him. I saw a future where I ran my own wing chun school and passed this knowledge on to countless other newbies like Kev. This is the path I am walking. Sooner or later, I WILL get there. Due to the fact that I can go to class only once every two weeks, it is going to be later…but then again, I’m hoping this routine is temporary. As so many people have said, in this economy I am lucky to have a job, even if the hours DO keep me from being able to attend wing chun more often.

Months ago, I decided to abandon any pursuits of music in favor of wing chun. That rush I felt tonight was confirmation that I am on the right track.


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