P90X: Day 26 (Core Synergistics)

For some reason I was positive that today was Yoga X, which of course I hate. However, I was going to replace THAT workout with the Fountain of Youth. All day I was prepping myself mentally to do an exercise routine that is pretty much just stretching and balancing…so imagine my surprise when I got home and found out it was THIS intense workout!

I wasn’t ready for it, but I pressed play anyway. And you know what? I was pleasantly surprised by how well I performed. There were some problem areas, like any move that involved “banana.” (It was a matter of how much this move hurt my lower back.) Other than that, it was another day of keeping pace with Tony and the gang for about 90% of the routine.

I gave a lot more thought to wing chun today too. Sifu gave me permission to teach my wife and kids. For my wife I have a fairly good idea where to start, but for some reason I don’t know where to start with my kids. There is a lot of stuff to know/retain, which is hard enough for an ADULT to do. Imagine how long it would take a kid to get the hang of things!

Aside from them, I was also thinking about my own training. It was somewhere around 2002 or so that Sifu actually started showing me the pole form. (For those of you who don’t know: in wing chun there are only six forms total. Three of them are empty-hand forms. The other three involve specific tools: the wooden dummy, the pole, and knives.) I’d really to get back into that. Hell, it has been so long that I don’t even remember how much of it I knew! Maybe he will show it to me again. Won’t hurt to ask.


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