P90X: Day 34 (Kenpo X)

Once again we cycle back around to my beloved martial arts workout. I wish I had one other person willing to come over and go through my Wing Chun X workout with me because I am dying to commit it to film! The only P90X practitioner I know of who lives near me is Coach Shu, but unfortunately our schedules hardly ever match up. Ah well…there has to be SOMEONE out there who can help me.

Not much to say tonight, except that I wanted to comment on the infamous Katie from Back and Biceps. I do not agree with the assessment that she was talking so much that it seemed like she was trying to share the spotlight with Tony. However, her voice WAS grating. Every time Tony asked her how many reps she had done or was going to do, she always answered in a whine. There is someone I find INFINITELY more annoying than her, and that is Mr. Jumps-a-Lot from Plyo X. I think his name is Dominick. At any rate, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that irritates me about this guy. Maybe it’s because I feel like he is going above and beyond what Tony can do just to show off…almost like he’s saying, “Look at my 360 degree spin. How come I’m not the one hosting P90X?” All throughout the workout, I’m thinking to myself: “Would someone take a lead pipe to his kneecap so he can’t be so proud of himself anymore?”

Is that bitter of me? Jealous? Maybe so, but then again I never claimed to be without flaws.


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