P90X: Day 39 (Fountain of Youth)

Another nice, relaxing yoga workout. Maybe someday I will return back to Yoga X and give that a chance, but for now I prefer the shorter version. Also, before I forget: last night I asked Sifu if I could learn the pole form again. (Years ago I learned it partially, but have long since forgotten it.) To my surprise he said we could do that the next time I come to class! Some of you may not understand what exciting news this is, but let me tell you: it is pretty big. Wing chun isn’t one of those styles where you go to class and they say, “Okay, you have six forms to learn right off the bat.” Know why? Because wing chun has only six forms TOTAL. They are:

*SIL LUM TAO: For this form you remain in your basic horse stance and run through all of the most common hand techniques. This is NOT a beginner form. People who have been doing wing chun for 10, 20, 30 years still practice their sil lum tao.

*CHUM KIU: This translates as “bridging the gap.” Here you learn to pivot, step, and kick. At the end you also pivot with your punches so you start to learn how to get your entire stance into your punch.

*BIU JEE: Sifu has always called this “the desperation form.” In wing chun you always want to maintain to control of the centerline (an imaginary line running down the center of your body). The techniques in this form are meant to recover from situations where you lose that control.

*MOOK JONG: One of my favorites is the wooden dummy form. Basically you are taking every technique from the first two forms and learning how to apply it to another physical being. This form teaches you how to properly position yourself in relation to an opponent.

*6 AND A HALF POLE FORM: I don’t remember the Chinese name for this one. Also, the six and a half relates to the number of moves in the form, NOT the length of the pole. From what I remember, this form teaches you deeper stances.

*KNIFE FORM: Not your usual knives…I have actually heard these called “butterfly swords” in some places. This is the granddaddy of all forms. Only the highest students learn this one. I haven’t learned ANY of it, not even the first section.

So I will finally be learning one of the two weapons forms, and this time I am not going to lose interest and forget it. Man, I can hardly wait!


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