P90X: Day 41 (Kenpo X)

Another wonderful day of martial arts workout fun. Coach Shu helped me come up with a plan regarding this routine and my wing chun workout: I need to order a heart rate monitor and see what my heart rate is like when I really push it during Kenpo X. Then, the next time I am supposed to do Kenpo, I will do Wing Chun X instead and see what rate I get up to. If it isn’t the same, then it most likely means the workout I made isn’t intense enough to be “X” material. Another solution could be that I pushed myself harder for Kenpo X than I did for Wing Chun X, but I think I’m smart enough to determine if that’s what is really going on.

Just a quick explanation about this: Shu suggested the above idea to me because I was telling him about the brief run I made through about half the workout. I said, “Wing chun’s techniques are a lot smaller than kenpo because it is a close-range combat system, so I think I have to do more reps to get the same sweat. In Wing Chun X you would have to do 40 reps where Kenpo X does 30.” That was when he suggested the heart rate monitor idea to me. Thanks, Shu!


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