Tonight I had my daughters practice wing chun with me. At first I tried running them through a trimmed-down version of Wing Chun X. When that made one of them lose interest, I started doing the forms. Autumn joined in for sil lum tao, which is the one where you remain in one stance and do the most common hand techniques. She followed along pretty good. Then I asked if either of them wanted to follow along the best they could with the second form (chum kiu, which involved a lot of pivoting and kicking and slightly more complicated hand moves). At first they said no but then, to my surprise, Autumn got up to follow along with me. As if that wasn’t cool enough, I was even more amazed to see how WELL she could follow what I was doing. Someday when her attention span and coordination are better, she will be very good at wing chun!

I’ve also been hammering away at an approach to Team Beachbody that I developed with Shu. He has started the process of giving me weekly goals to achieve. So far, so good. I haven’t had anyone switch to me as their coach yet, but I have five days left for this assignment and I have been contacting at least ten new people on a daily basis. Ten people, multiplied by seven days, gives me seventy people. The more you reach out to, the higher your odds get that SOMEONE will say they are interested.

Been coming up with new ideas for THE SIZE CURSE. Long ago when I first wrote it, I had the intention of including things in the narrator’s life that corresponded with the release dates of REM albums. (Why? Because I was listening to REM a lot when I started writing.) For example, REM’s first appearance was a five-song EP called CHRONIC TOWN. It was released on August 24, 1982, so that became my protagonist’s birthday. This was to be the routine for all REM releases…except that I had no idea what kind of events to write about. Then it struck me: I should read each album’s lyrics and determine what kind of imagery dominated each album. From there I would come up with a “life event” that corresponded to said imagery while also tying it to the novel as a whole.

This gave rise to another question: how did I tie it to the novel? Simple: I needed to figure out the novel’s main theme. (This is a common occurrence in my life: I write something and have no idea what the hell I was talking about until later on.) So I gave it a lot of serious thought and came to realize the novel’s main them has to do with frustration/anger. Our protagonist has a LOT to be frustrated/angry about. Conclusion: the imagery of the lyrics needed to be tied to life events that caused him frustration. TA-DA!!!

Things have come to a stalemate with the zombie project. I ripped right through parts one and two, but I have a couple very important questions to answer before I write even a single scene for part three. Not only that but the guy who was going to be the artist for the whole thing has stopped writing me back on Facebook, even though I see him post new things every now and then. I have no idea what I said that might have turned him off to the project, but it would be nice if he had at least enough courtesy to tell me what the hell I did. He probably won’t though. Like I have told so many of my friends: I wish I had the time and money to hunt whoever invented the concept of “closure” so I could beat the shit out of him because, in the real world, THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!!


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