P90X: Day 50 and 51 (Fountain of Youth-Core Synergistics)

Day 49 (Saturday) was a rest day. Sunday was supposed to be Yoga X, but toward the end of my shift at work I started to feel not so hot. The effort of holding my head up and staying awake was enough to make me nauseous, so I decided to skip the workout and just do two today because I have the day off from work.

I ran around and did some errands this morning and tried Fountain of Youth when I got home. By the time I got to the stretching part, the nausea had resurfaced. (Luckily all I had left was stretching, so I made my way through it.) After that I just laid down on the couch to rest.

For a while I was thinking about doing a swap out: do X Stretch today and then do Core Synergistics on the day I was supposed to do X Stretch. However, when four o’clock rolled around, I was feeling a little more stable so I decided to give CS a try. And wouldn’t you know it? I made it through the entire thing, with the nausea recurring slightly at the end, but that was due to dehydration more than still being ill. Going to pound a gallon of water now to get back on track!


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