P90X: Day 58 (Plyo X)

Don’t ask me how I got through today because even I don’t know. Got to bed somewhere around 12:30AM last night…woke up once somewhere around 3:30…then my alarm went off at 7:10AM I contemplated either not going in for overtime or going in later, but something motivated me to get out of bed and get dressed. Then it was the usual 8:00AM-8:30PM work day.

I already knew I had to do Plyo X today. On the way home I thought I would just get in and do it but, once I was home, I started doubting if I could pull it off. Then I remembered something: there is the option of swapping out Plyo with CARDIO X. This sounded like a much more attractive offer, especially since I haven’t done Cardio X at all and I am curious to see what it’s like.

My wife asked me, “Aren’t you going to do your workout?” I said yes, then told her about the plyo-cardio swap. She said, “No! Do the workout you are SUPPOSED to do!”

So I put in Plyo X, and wouldn’t you know it? I got through! Yes, there were some sections I did half-heartedly, and there was even a point where I thought I felt nausea coming on (the section with jump knee tucks), but I ignored it and kept on going.

Thanks for the encouragement, baby.


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