P90X: Day 64 (Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps-10 Minute Trainer Friday Night Arms)

Now you all know the tradition is that the weightlifting days are paired up with Ab Ripper X, and the cardio days consist of just the cardio workout. However, there is one thing I have been missing ever since I started P90X: my beloved forearm workout from 10 Minute Trainer, Friday Night Arms! Well, today at work I finally figured out a way to get them back into the fold: move Ab Ripper X to the cardio days and add Friday Night Arms to the weightlifting days. Some people might have questions as to why I would do things this way. I can think of two of them on my own.

QUESTION: Why not keep Ab Ripper X on the weightlifting days and do Friday Night Arms on top of that?

ANSWER: Even though it is only another ten minutes, doing THREE workouts on one day would be a lot, especially since I usually do my workouts at night after having worked a twelve-hour day! Now I’m not one to normally make excuses…I still get my workouts in DESPITE my hectic schedule, but come on now. There IS such a thing as too much for one day!

QUESTION: Why not keep Ab Ripper X on the weightlifting days and do Friday Night Arms on the cardio days?

ANSWER: I’m pretty sure everyone here would know the answer to this one, although people not so into working out might not. If I did things this way, then it would mean working out my arms pretty much every day of the week. We all know that’s a big no-no because muscles won’t develop without the proper rest!

At any rate, I am happy to get my forearms exercises back into the fold. Those of you who have read enough of my replies will know why: it’s all about the wing chun, baby! The forearms are what Bruce Lee focused on heavily because (just like wing chun) his martial arts style favored punching over kicking, so he needed big forearms. Not only that, but massive forearms are also good to give power to your lop sao (or lap sao, or even lop sau/lap sau) technique, which translates as “grabbing hand.”

I’m really excited about everything going on with Beachbody lately. There are two books I have in my possession that have completely turned around my way of thinking, and this change in attitude is showing in a big way (as is evident in the number of people I’ve recruited to our team lately!). It is an interesting time in my life, and I look forward to proving THIS Team Beachbody coach is not just a “glorified salesman,” which is what I have heard people call us. Maybe some people sign up and become nothing more than that, but not me! I want to encourage people to reach their fitness goals because if a guy with a life as hectic as mine can work in the time to do it, then ANYONE can!!!


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