P90X: Day 66 (Back and Biceps-10 Minute Trainer Friday Night Arms)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my experimental swapped out routine continues. I really pushed it super hard tonight. In fact I was surprised I could even make it through Friday Night Arms! But let me tell you: after getting your butt kicked by an hour of P90X, that second workout is the FASTEST ten minutes of my life.

For this post I want to focus on something besides the workout itself. Instead I want to write about the latest idea I have for adjusting my routine yet again. It all started a few days ago when I was browsing through Team Beachbody’s products and started checking out the P90X One on One DVDs. I saw one called “Just Arms,” which of course stuck out to me because I wondered how well it could fit into my martial arts training.

Today at work my mind wandered to fitness (as it often does), and I started thinking about other areas I’d prefer to really zero in on. My legs, triceps and shoulders feel like they’re developing pretty good. When it comes to my back, the upper part is fine. (As some of you may have read here before, I need to get to a physical therapist for my LOWER back.) When all the dust settled, I realized there were three areas I want to focus on:

*Abs:a pretty common problem area for men AND women. I have some some decent muscles here, but they are buried beneath a bit of fat still. Plus my lower back problems don’t help.

*Chest: still got some good old “man boobs” going on. If I had a bench press and could do some good old decline presses, this would firm right up. However, since I don’t, I need to find an answer elsewhere.

*Arms: more particularly forearms. Even more specifically, I want to work on my gripping power.

So now aside from my overall fitness, I have decided I really want to zoom in on these three areas with even more intensity. I’m sure a couple P90X One on One DVDs would provides the routines I need, but I’m not sure which ones. Any help would be grateful.


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