P90X: Day 73 (Shoulders and Arms-10 Minute Trainer Friday Night Arms)

Several days into it and the experimental workout swap out is still going strong. The only move I was NOT able to do today was the straight forearm blaster in 10 Minute Trainer because a friend of mine borrowed my lightest resistance bands, and I am unable to do them with even the medium bands. (Does anyone out there think that makes me a wuss? If so, then I challenge YOU to try it!!!)

One cool thing I noticed during the Shoulders and Arms routine: during bicep curls, 25 lb. weights felt too light so I moved up to 30. At first I thought I would use them for one set and then I would be too burned out to use them for the rest of the night but, to my surprise, that is the weight I stuck with! As if I even needed it before, this was definite proof that I am getting results!


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