P90X: Day 74 (10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex-Ab Ripper X)

I did my usual thing of performing a wing chun form and then doing a session of Yoga Flex, although I screwed up my timing and did only three before I left the house. Left for what, you might ask? Well, since I took today off from work, I headed out to wing chun for a SECOND time this week. Sifu and I did a pretty interesting thing: he had me go through the dummy form section by section. When I finished one section, then he would get on the dummy and go through it after me. He did this to have me watch for differences. Now that I think about it, HE should have gone first and then let me do it so I could try to model myself after his moves. (After all, his dummy form is LIGHT YEARS more advanced than mine.) After class I talked to him briefly about the kind of training I want to do since I am still unable to attend more than once every two weeks: when I go there, maybe he could watch me do my forms once to give me pointers for improvement (kind of like martial arts homework), but after that I want to devote the rest of my night to performing chi sao with any of the other students who know how to do that drill. (For those of you who don’t know what chi sao is, just go to Youtube and look for videos on it…although I must warn you: ANYONE can throw a video on there and say it is “authentic” wing chun. Consider yourselves warned!)

My reason behind this is quite simple: I can practice the forms at home alone. The only thing I CANNOT do is chi sao. (Well, scratch that: I can’t do the dummy form at home either because I don’t have one, but that is about to change soon…I hope!) The thing is, I know four out of six wing chun forms, and I am in the process of learning the fifth (the pole form). So the question is: how do I know which forms to run through and have him critique? Now that I think of it, I may already have the best approach: since I can’t practice the dummy OR pole forms at home, then he should watch me do those two. (On top of this, I am still LEARNING the pole form. After he watches me do what I know, then he could teach me the next section…if, of course, he thinks I am ready for it.) The only time I will bring any of the other forms to his attention is if I have questions on them. So a simpler breakdown: at class have sifu help me with the dummy and pole form (as well as teaching me the rest of the latter), and then move on to chi sao.

And now we come to the biggest surprise of the night: I found myself able to follow along with more of Ab Ripper X than I ever have before, DESPITE the fact that I haven’t gone to physical therapy yet. (SIDE NOTE: I finally did set up an appointment for next Friday!) On some exercises (Oblique V-Ups, Leg Climbers, and others), I was able to do as many reps as Tony and the gang. For others (Heels to the Heavens) I was able to do 20 out of 25 reps. My process: do 1-10, rest on 11-15, do 16-25. However, there was still one move where 10 was my max: I believe the name of it is “V-Up, Pulse-Up” or something like that.

In any event, I was super excited when I realized I could keep going with Tony and the team. If this physical therapy helps me solve this back issue, then it won’t be long before I am able to do EVERY SINGLE REP with them!!! Damn, I can’t wait!!!


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