P90X: Day 78 (Chest Shoulders and Triceps-10 Minute Trainer Forearms Club)

Wait a minute, what’s that? 10 Minute Trainer Forearms club? You never heard of that? Well, maybe that isn’t because you aren’t part of the club! LOL Actually it isn’t something that is exclusive on purpose. It’s just that most people don’t even think about their forearms. However, being a wing chun man, I do. So last night I whipped up a quick 10 minute trainer workout for my forearms because, no matter how built you are, forearms are small and could not take a P90X-length routine.

After scouring the internet (and borrowing some moves from Tony’s Friday Night Arms routine), I came up with the following:

1-Palm Up and Palm Down Curls
2-Towel Grip Dumbbell Curls (wrap a towel around the bar of your dumbbell and curl it)
3-Front and Side Curls (curl in front with palms up, curl at the side with palms down)
4-Grip Hangs (go to your chin-up bar…and hang)
5-Straight Arm Forearm Blaster (arms straight in front and to the side)
6-Rubber Ball Squeeze
7-Lever Lifts (take a hammer or mallet or even a baseball bat, hold it in your hand and drop it down then lift it back up like a lever)
8-Flip Grip Forearm Blaster
9-Wrist Roller (hang a weight by a rope and roll it up and down)
10-Resistance Band Lop Sao (loop the resistance band through the door attachment, gauge your distance from the door properly, and perform the wing chun technique “lop sao” on it)


I was going to have Diana film me doing the routine the next time…but man, I don’t know! I don’t want to look like a failure at my own routine! Let me just be honest with you: for the grip hang, I was able to stay up there for the first 15 seconds, but after that, I could do only 5 seconds at a time until the minute was up! On top of that, I need to swap out some equipment and moves. Here is my overall review:

*Rubber Ball Squeeze: didn’t like it. What I need to get are those handle grips you can buy in the sporting good section of any department store and replace the rubber ball with them. The ball was too small for my hand, and I didn’t really feel any results from it.

*Lever Lifts: it would be AWESOME to have a baseball bat for this exercise because that would be a hell of a lot of weight to lift back up.

*Flip Grip Forearm Blaster: lose this one because it is too similar to Straight Arm Forearm Blaster. I am not sure what to replace it with yet.

*Wrist Roller: I have a 10-lb. plate that I used tonight for this exercise…and right now that is too much. I need to get a lighter weight.

Other than that, I would say this routine was actually a success!!! Not only that, but I know what I am going to replace the Flip Grip Blaster with: an exercise that I call the Weighted Twist. What you do is get one of those dumbbell bars with the threads at either end (the kind you can add or remove weight from) and put weight only on one end of it. You hold the bar by the non-weighted end, rest your forearm across your leg or a workout bench, and then drop the weight down to one side, lift it back to a vertical position, drop down to the OTHER side, back up to vertical, and so on. If you don’t know what I am describing, don’t worry: I will make a video of it for those who may want to try it out.


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