P90X: Day 80 (Back and Biceps-Forearm Club)

Ten days and counting! I am so excited to have made it this far! Who would have thought “man voted most likely to be lumpy the rest of his life” from the class of ’94 would have even been able to survive one DAY of this stuff, let alone 80!!!

Actually, I shouldn’t speak too soon. Today was a weird day. I found myself struggling to do curls with 20 lbs. even though I was up to 30 the last time I did this routine. Oh well…not every day will be perfect. Also, I had to leave some exercises out of the “Forearms Club” workout because I tweaked it a little and replaced some of the exercises. The catch is, I don’t have the equipment for the exercises I inserted into the routine! So it was more like “7 minute trainer” instead of 10.

Then again, I am thinking about replacing even MORE exercises in this segment. Grip hangs are just flat out brutal, and I’m not so sure I like the “towel grip dumbbell curl” maneuver either. Maybe I will give them all one more try and see what’s what.


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