P90X: Day 81 (Yoga Flex-Ab Ripper X)

It feels so weird to look at that subject line and see that I have less then ten days left to this program!

Tonight I did a wing chun form followed by 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex, but I did yoga only three times. After the third time I did the wooden dummy form, and then I moved on to Ab Ripper X. Why? Because even with the forms mixed in, this routine is starting to get old to me now too. However, I think I already came up with a new way to go about things:

1) On Yoga day, I will do TWO wing chun forms first.

2) Then I will do Fountain of Youth.

3) After that, I will do the last empty hand form and the dummy form.

4) I will blast through Ab Ripper X.

5) Then I will run through the 6 and 1/2 pole form…or what I know of it anyway.

The only moves during Ab Ripper X that still give me trouble are the Fifer scissors, V-up roll-ups, Heels to the Heavens and the Mason twist. Other than that, I am able to do all 25 reps with Tony and team!


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