P90X: Day 82 (Legs and Back-10 Minute Trainer Forearm Club)

Well, who would have believed it? I think I may have come up with my forearm routine! Tonight’s run-through was a lot better than the previous time. However, I am always skeptical of how good something I created is, whether it is a story, a song, or even a workout routine. In other words I will have to run through this thing one more time before I decide it is the best it can be. There have been some subtle changes since last time, so I will run through the whole thing again. Also, unless otherwise stated, these moves are all done for a minute.

1) Palm Up/Palm Down Curl
*I used a medium resistance band. I curled 8 times with my palms up, then another 8 with my palms down. I think one adjustment to be made is to switch every 10 seconds. Divide that into a minute you get 6, which would mean 3 sets each for each variation.

2) Towel Grip Dumbbell Curls
*Still not too sure about how to do this one best. Tonight I used my 10-lb. dumbbells because they have a piece of rubber in the middle of the grip and, when I did a test run with them, this kept the dumbbell from slipping. However, tonight the dumbbell did indeed shift on me. I really like this exercise, but from now on I should tie the towel around the bar so it won’t slip out and land on my foot!

3) Grip Hangs
*This one is still pretty much the same thing: grab your chin-up bar and hang. If your forearm muscles are not strong enough, then you can always use a chair.

4) Straight Arm Forearm Blaster
*I used a light resistance band for this one. It is a move featured in 10 Minute Trainer One on One Friday Night Arms.

5) Hand Grip Squeeze
*I decided to use both techniques that I asked about in a previous post, where you can either squeeze multiple times (“Ballistic”) and where I just held the squeeze (“Static”). I started out with ballistic and squeezed as many times as I could for 30 seconds. Then I did the static ones and held the squeeze for the other thirty. Clean and simple. 🙂

6) Lever Lifts
*I bought a dumbbell handle and three different weights: 2.5, 5, and 10 lbs. I put 7.5lbs. on one end of the handle. Then I simply moved it up and down like a lever.

7) Wrist Rollers
*I have this piece of equipment that is simply called a wrist roller (I think…I am too lazy to look it up right now). It is a bar with a rope attached to it. At the end of the rope you can put weights on it. Then you roll the weights up and down. This is a KILLER on your forearms. I could do only 5lbs. myself.

8 ) Weighted Twists
*Again I used the dumbbell handle, although this time it was with only 2.5lbs. You rest your forearm across your leg or a workout bench. Then you simply twist your hand with the weight left and right.

9) Weighted Walk
*This works on your pinching/holding strength. I took hold of the end of two 10-lb. dumbbells and then simply went for a walk for a minute.

10) Resistance Band “Lop Sao”
*For this exercise I used a heavy resistance band and the door attachment. I did a wing chun technique called “lop sao,” fifteen seconds on each side for a minute so I did two sets per side.

My wife wasn’t around tonight to film me but, since I think this pretty much solidifies the routine, you can bet she will get me on camera next time I do it!

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