P90X: Day 90 (Yoga X)

As of approximately 8:30AM this morning, I became a P90X graduate! This post will be about day 90 itself. I will write a different one about the program as a whole, as well as posting my “before and after” pics.

I decided to go out with a bang and did the entire hour and a half of Yoga X. In the past I had been doing Fountain of Youth, or doing 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex four times. Today I thought, “For my last day, why not do the whole thing?” To my surprise, a lot has changed since I last did it. I wasn’t as bored going through the countless “plank-chatarunga-upward dog-downward dog” repetitions.

Whenever I got to a part that I didn’t feel I could do, I ran through a wing chun form (sil lum tao). I was worried that doing a form would make me distracted from doing the rest of Yoga X. Once I did the first one, I would be wondering when to get around to the next one instead of focusing on the workout. (Then again, the fact that this DVD featured Audra was ALREADY a distraction.) However, it wasn’t too hard to switch my focus back to the task at hand.

By the time I got to the second form (chum kiu, for those of you keeping track). Here I got yet another surprise: my balance during this form immediately felt better. There is a lot of pivoting in chum kiu, and I have noticed some issues with my balance. Today I didn’t stumble once. The third form (biu jee) was another story, but that’s because in that form you are crossing over your own centerline, so you have to learn how to maintain balance all over again. Right now I just have to make a conscious effort to sink my weight into the center of my feet. The old image we used to use in class was to imagine there are two nails driven through the tops of your feet, nailing you to that one spot.

Long story short: my mindset has changed drastically since the last time I did Yoga X. Then again, maybe it was simply because I woke up before everyone else AND it was a weekend, so it’s not like I had to think about rushing out to work or all the other things I have to do at night so I can get to sleep on time. The true test will be during my next round of P90X. If Yoga X falls on a weeknight and I still feel as calm and relaxed as I did this morning, then I will know I have truly opened my mind to embrace this workout in its entirety.


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