Insanity: Day 3 (Cardio Power and Resistance)

Well, last night I finally found the key to making my calves get those old familiar ache that says, “We will be getting bigger once we recover from this pain.” Calf raises haven’t brought on this kind of agony for me in years, but now Insanity finally did! Unfortunately, that is a good and bad thing: good because it means my calves will get stronger…bad because it meant having a hard time with tonight’s workout, especially since power jumps were pretty much the first move. Once again I felt like I might puke during the exercises, but I made my way through it anyway. Here is how I am trying to look at this: when it came to P90X, I was able to keep pace with Tony and the gang because I have already done SOME weightlifting exercises throughout my life. However, the reason I’m falling out so much with Shaun T is because I have never really committed to any kind of cardio routine. Sure, for a while I tried running the treadmill in different ways: there was one point when I would keep my speed steady and see how long it took me to run a mile, then gradually increase the speed so I could cover the same distance in a shorter time. The other cardio thing I used to do was kind of like this interval training: I’d run as fast as I could for about 30 seconds, then go real slow, then go half speed, and so on. (I was trying to mimic the “broken rhythm” principle of Bruce Lee.) Still, NONE of that compared to the insanity of…well, Insanity.

It’s tough, and that is part of why I hate it…but I am GOING to push through, even if I DO vomit on my living room floor!


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