Insomnia and Updates

Find myself once again unable to sleep so I will jot down a few miscellaneous updates.

I finally got a hold of my good friend James Taylor (not the singer…a kid I actually went to high school with) who was acting as sort of a writing coach for my novel THE SIZE CURSE. Ages ago I told him I was going to incorporate that idea where I would use lyrics from R.E.M. albums to compose memories of the Narrator’s life. Unfortunately, after reading some of the notes to him, it dawned on me that the R.E.M. ideas might make a good story of their own, but it would be a mistake to shoehorn them into SIZE. This was a real bummer because there’s a large chunk of writing in that story that reads like filler, and I HAVE to remove it. My hopes were that the lyric-based material would do that. While it is good that I can still salvage those ideas, it sucked to find out I was still no closer to a resolution for THE SIZE CURSE…so I kept talking to James until I came up with a new approach. The idea is quite simple: the Narrator says he has an overbearing, control freak for a mother, but the story doesn’t currently show that too well. My plan is to remove the material that doesn’t work, come up with a list of memories (maybe 3-5 items long) that illustrate his mother’s controlling ways, and then insert them into the story. The idea is to keep this novel in the 200-250 page range.

Zombie comic is coming along AWESOME. I finished writing part 3 a few weeks ago. The sucker came out to 940 handwritten pages. Now I am in the process of typing it up, and I just cracked the 600 page mark. At a pace of typing 20 pages per day, that means I have about 17 days to go. Once that is done, I plan on jumping into writing part 4 IMMEDIATELY.

Beachbody is also taking off great. I wound up meeting this local P90X grad named Robert, who is going to school now to get his personal trainer certification. He found a place where we can have a Beachbody fit club. On top of that, I am one coach away from making the jump from Emerald to DIAMOND!!! This pretty much flies in the face of everyone out there who said this was a lousy “pyramid scam,” and that I was wasting my time and money on something doomed to fail.

The only thing that sucks: still not having enough money or time to go back to wing chun. I NEED to get out of this lousy 12:30-8:30 shift so I can go to class AT LEAST twice a week. Hell, if Beachbody ever explodes to the point where it’s my only job, I could go every damn night. Why? Because since Beachbody would be a stay-at-home business, I could work AND get my family time in simultaneously. Then it would be a little more forgivable if I wanted to go to class three or four nights out of the week.

Other than wing chun, I’ve started to miss playing out. If I had my evenings free, I would start hitting up local open mic nights to play a couple tunes. You would never see me being super gung ho about getting a ton of gigs like I did back in the mid-2000s, but you WOULD see me out there again. Another idea in the back of my mind is to get some home recording equipment, make my own solo acoustic CDs, sell them, and maybe save up some cash so I could reserve time in a real studio and maybe even bring along a drummer. There is still one musical goal I want to complete before I die: recording that 18-song concept album I wrote way back when my daughters were first born. Even if only two people hear the damn thing, it doesn’t matter. I want to make it come to life the way I have envisioned it all these years.

Don’t let these last few complaints fool you though. Overall, my life is good.


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