Insanity: Day 50 Part 1 (Max Interval Circuit)

I skipped last night because my elbow was STILL acting up, not to mention I was exhausted. There is one lesson I have learned here: as far as Insanity goes, I need to do those workouts BEFORE work instead of after. For some reason with P90X I was able to do my workout once I got home even though I had just worked a 12 hour day (and had to do the same thing the NEXT day). Now for some reason, even though I am working a normal 8 hour day at work, I feel so exhausted by the end that I dread doing Insanity. It has nothing to do with not liking the workouts because I think they’re amazing, so I don’t know what’s going on. Like I said, the only solution I can think of is doing the workouts in the morning instead of at night.

My elbow is still acting up today, to the point where I had to replace any moves that would aggravate my elbow (moving push-ups, plank punches, etc.) with other cardio moves. I’ll have to do the same thing when I do Max Interval Plyo later.


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