Insanity Fit Test

Okay, so I was a day late with this. That’s what I get for trying to do the fit test at the end of a day with my kids! At any rate, here you go. The original results are in parentheses.

SWITCH KICKS: 130 (90)
POWER JACKS: 64 (50)
POWER KNEES: 103 (75)
POWER JUMPS: 40 (25)
PUSH-UP JACKS: 33 (25)

I completely forgot Shaun said you are supposed to do the fit test every two weeks (and I was borrowing someone’s copy at first, so I didn’t have the card to remind me), but for some moves I wonder if it would have made any difference. For example, there were 62 days between the first and last time I did low plank obliques, and I got only ten more. If pushing myself through Insanity didn’t give me the ability to do more, then I don’t think there was any harm done by missing the fit tests.

One thing I love about Insanity, P90X, etc: you never stop working up a sweat! Shaun asks one of the people who does the fit test, “How was it?” The guy says, “It was just like day one.” Even though he could do more reps than when he first started, the guy STILL pushed himself to the limits and STILL wore himself out. Granted, some people might dial the workout in and keep performing at the same level, but I’m not one of those people. What’s the point in working out if all you are going to do is let yourself plateau? You should always keep wanting more!


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