Rev Abs: Day 2 (Fire Up Your Abs)

This workout was only forty minutes, and it wasn’t half as sweat-inducing as Insanity or P90X. However, I think it still did some damn good work on my abs. Besides, after Insanity, a slightly less intense workout is exactly what I need. So far Brett has me impressed…and I haven’t heard too many corny comments. (I was a bit nervous when one review said his jokes were worse than Tony’s!) All in all, I look forward to seeing how the rest of this program turns out, and I DEFINITELY look forward to the hybrid with P90X.

Speaking of my plans for the next several workout rounds, I have been giving some more thought to that. Since I’m doing RevAbs now, I’ll probably do the hybrid with Insanity next (just to mix it up). THEN I will do P90X and RevAbs. Other than that, pretty much everything is the same…except I just thought of one new hybrid to add to my list of things to try after seeing Coach Shu’s website:

*P90X/Insanity hybrid
*P90X/RevAbs hyrbid
*P90X/Asylum hybrid

And here is the new one that will give me a FIFTH round of P90X:

*P90X/Insanity/RevAbs hybrid!

Why am I trying to get as many P90X rounds as I can? In preparation for P90X 2!!! Also, after all of the above are done, I might do the 30-day Asylum on its own to give myself a break. Pretty sad when such an intense program is considered your BREAK, huh? But that’s how I want to bring it!


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