Rev Abs: Day 24 (Wing Chun?)

That’s right…another day where I swapped out the actual workout for something that was just as intense, because Sifu had us working this drill that was REALLY hard in class. The only thing I regret is that I was supposed to Total Strength and Mercy Abs, and I wish I had still at least done the latter. Well that is easy enough to fix: I can just add it on to tonight’s routine.

Before class truly started I was able to ask Sifu a question about biu jee because, during the parts where you twist your body, I feel like I keep losing my balance. He found the answer easily enough: when you do your cup jarn (an elbow strike), you are supposed to keep your elbow in line with your shoulder. What threw my balance off was letting my elbow cross the centerline…not to mention the fact that I’ve somehow picked up the habit of sticking my butt out when I turn!

There were a couple other pointers he had. I’m going to list them here because if I don’t write them down soon, they might fade away.

*keep elbow in line with shoulder
*Keep head tall to avoid sticking butt out
*the biu jee technique (thrusting fingers) needs to be eyebrow height or slightly higher
*keep the other hand chambered somewhat close to the armpit, palm down
*when I do the palm strikes out to the side: the high palm strike needs to be higher, low palm needs to be lower, and BOTH need to be more on the centerline

The sad thing is, he had this many pointers for me…but that isn’t even half the form. Oh well…if it needed that much work, then it needed that much work. Right here is where I can see how much my attitude has changed lately: in the old days I would have been bummed about how much I had to work on, feeling down that my skill level wasn’t as high as I thought it should be. Now, in 2011, my attitude is, “So what if you weren’t as good as you thought? Work on it so you WILL be!”

My main goals now are to focus on biu jee every day, although I will still do a run through sil lum tao. The beauty of this is that even though it won’t leave me time to do EVERY form each day, it doesn’t matter because there is no disconnect between one form or the other. In my opinion wing chun is the tightest style I’ve ever seen, with techniques you learn in one form having a noticeable connection to (and effect on) what you learn in the OTHER forms. If there is one part of your wing chun that you don’t do right, it will be reflected in everything, whether you are doing one of the forms or playing chi sao. So working on solely biu jee will still help me out in other areas.


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