Rev Abs: Day 26 (Fire Up Your Abs)

I am getting to the point now where I don’t really have much to say about the workouts. It was the same moves, where I brought the same intensity. My wife watched me doing biu jee so that she could tell me if I was sticking my butt out when I did the pivot. (She didn’t see it, but I couldn’t have corrected the problem THAT quickly!)

Still working on the zombie comic, part four. Last night I finished APOCALYPSE NOW (REDUX), and I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my story. The majority of that story takes place with Martin Sheen heading up one long river to his destination, but my story won’t accommodate a direct transplant of that feature. BEWARE, READERS: Here I am going to indulge myself with plot points you aren’t familiar with, so if such things don’t interest you, tune out now! LOL

The fictional city my characters hail from is Springvale, which is somewhere between Bakersfield and Buttonwillow. (Check out a California map if you are curious enough to know where these places are.) However, they aren’t in Springvale itself right now: they are holed up in a mall up north that they converted into a base. (Don’t accuse me of ripping off George Romero; this was a conscious choice and an homage to DAWN OF THE DEAD.) Ah hell, for the cool hell of it I am going to say the mall is in Shafter, CA. It looks like the kind of town that would NEVER have an indoor mall, but then again there is no city of Springvale…so if I am making up an entire city, then I can certainly plant a mall in a city that doesn’t really have one.

They could head north out of Shafter on Route 43. Eventually they would run into Kings River, which loops around and runs into the San Joaquin River. That is the river where most of the adventures should take place. Now the tricky part is deciding where the adventure will end. Part of me wants to have Adam’s base in the city of Modesto, because it sounds like “modest” and he is anything but. (NOTE: Adam is, hands down, THE most important character in the story…which is why my other characters go on this long search for him.) But another part of me wants them to go to the end of the river.

Then again, I just looked up Modesto on good old Wikipedia and found out one of the nicknames of the place is “Treasure City.” Since Adam is treated like a treasure instead of an actual human being in this story, I think that may be the place to put him! There is also another river that branches off from the San Joaquin (called the Tuolumne) that would take them right to Modesto.

Gotta love technology. Without it, who the hell knows when I would have found the answer to these questions!


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