Rev Abs: Day 33 (Fire Up Your Abs)

Another day in the bag. By this point I feel like maybe I should just start writing down what exercises are done during these routines. It will save me time from writing them down later. Why am I doing that, you may ask? Well, it serves a higher purpose that I will talk about someday.

At any rate, every Rev Abs workout has three rounds. The third one is the “spice round,” and I will notate what is different about those rounds in parentheses. So here are the exercises you do during Fire Up Your Abs:

*PLANK: Yep, all you do is hold plank for sixty seconds. It sounds simple, but wait until you try it! (Spice Round: While holding plank, you reach your arms out to the side, one at a time of course.)

*COBRA: To develop a strong core, it is also important to build up your back! Lie face down, then lift your back and arms up off the floor. During rounds one and two, your arms are bent. (Spice Round: Hold your arms out in a “Y.”)

*DUMBBELL JACK KNIFE: One leg is bent, the other is straight out. With a dumbbell in your hands, you sit up, bringing your leg up and touching it with the dumbbell just shy of a ninety degree angle. (Spice Round: You change your grip on the dumbbell.)

*SIDE PLANK: With your feet staggered, you raise your hip up in the air to work your obliques. (Spice Round: Stack your feet one on top of the other.)

*STRIDERS: Basically these are the running lunges from P90X. (Spice Round: Instead of swinging your arms open-handed, you close them as fists.)

After Striders, you have a thirty second rest. Then you do striders again, and you are done with the round.


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