Rev Abs: Day 38 (Total Strength-Mercy Abs)

Tonight was Total Strength and Mercy Abs. I’m going to be honest: I got around to this so late that I had to skip the third round of Total Strength. However, I still feel like I got a damn good workout in.


*DUMBBELL LUNGE: Reverse lunge where you step backward instead of forward.

*PUSH-UP: Do 15 slow so you feel it in your abs.

*FRONT SQUAT: We all know the squat. Do it with weights here.

*BENT OVER ROW: Lean over with two weights in your hand and pull them up to your body.

*BOOTY BRIDE: Lay on your back with two weights in hand. Lift your butt up off the ground. Your arms go straight up in the air. Let them drop down over your head, then lift up.

*PUNCH COMBO: Jumping jacks, facing forward, then turn every 4 jacks until you are back in front, then do 8. Jab with front hand. Cross with rear hand. One-two, high-low combo. “Full speed” punch, which just means continuous. Close it out with the same circuit of jumping jacks.


*CRUNCH: Good old stand-by.

*BENCAO KICK: Pronounced “ben-sow.” You sit all the way up and take turns kicking out one leg, then the other.

*KNEE TUCKS: Then In and Out move from Ab Ripper X.

*V UPS: Almost the same as knee tucks, except you bring your body up as well as your legs to form a V.


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