More Thoughts on Beachbody Hybrid Routines

As I get closer to the end of Rev Abs, I have been thinking more and more about what hybrids to do next. This is all in preparation for P90X 2, which will be released in December (which you can preorder now…through me, if interested *wink*). A lot of people have been saying X 2 is so difficult that even Tony Horton has trouble finishing it, so you should get two to three rounds of P90X under your belt before trying the sequel.

First up is the standard P90X and Insanity hybrid, but I don’t know what to do after that. Eventually I want to order Insanity:the Asylum and do that on its own, then do more hybrids with that after it. (I’m glad those hybrids are all only thirty days each, or else I would NEVER get around to P90X 2!!!) This is the list of hybrids I’m thinking of, in approximately the order I want to do them:

*P90X and Insanity
*P90X and Rev Abs
*P90X, Insanity, and Rev Abs
*Insanity: the Asylum (solo)
*P90X and Asylum
*P90X, Asylum, and Rev Abs

Honestly I am not sure if a hybrid exists for those last three, but I can certainly find out. This would put me through five more rounds of P90X, giving me SIX total before I attempt X 2. If you exclude the rest weeks and add up the days I’d spend on these hybrids, you get 360 days. Now throw the rest weeks back in (one week after every hybrid), and that is six more weeks (forty-two days). Also, I am only on day 64 of Rev Abs. So there are thirty left, plus a rest week after that (thirty-seven days left).

360 + 42 + 37 = 439 days

Damn, that is a LONG time until I even try P90X 2!!! LOL The good thing is: even though I will be over a year behind my team mates, it’s all good because look how long it took them to even come up with the sequel. In other words, I believe P90X 2 will still be THE hottest Beachbody program by the time I finally get to it.


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