I haven’t been posting my usual daily workout blog because the only computer we have right now is my wife’s laptop which, quite frankly, is very hard for me to type on. The keyboard is too small for me. There have been several times where I get a blog 85% finished, then I hit some button that highlights and DELETES all I wrote, and the “back” button does nothing to correct a situation like that. The only other option would be using my mother’s computer (she lives downstairs from us), but I like to avoid going down there for reasons I’d rather not get into.

At any rate, have no fear: I have still been faithful about my workouts. It was a bit tough figuring out how to reorganize the workouts since I had to switch my rest days from Thursday to Monday, but I think I came up with a pretty decent schedule.

The writing on the zombie comic is still going strong. I’ve been producing an average of fifteen pages per day. Right now I am on the handwritten version of part 4. There is one part of this story that has been bothering me but, in a flash of brilliance, I came up with an answer last night even though I was falling asleep while writing it…which, to me, is proof that there is some sort of weird chemical wonder going on in your brain when you should be asleep but you’re forcing yourself to stay awake. It’s times like those when I have thought of things that never occurred to me while fully rested and alert. A lot of people turn to drugs to get these flashes of creativity. As for me…I just go a couple days without a decent amount of sleep!

It’s kind of difficult to explain what this revelation was all about, but I will try my best. As some of you may know, this comic is about zombies. After many, MANY years of the virus running around the world, there is a mutation in it that winds up creating what I call a “zombie monster.” (Zombies ARE monsters, so it’s kind of redundant, but it’s the best I could come up with.) This creature is so off the charts crazy that it eats zombies AS WELL AS humans. The creature runs all over the country, leaving destruction in its wake for miles and miles, as well as no survivors. (The only reason anyone knows about it is a video transmission the government receives from a military base.) The FBI calls in an agent named Bill Davidson to track the monster down, but here’s the thing they don’t understand: you CANNOT profile a monster the way you would a human, so Bill is left with the frustrating task of trying to figure out how to find this thing…which of course meant *I* was frustrated too since I am the one writing Bill’s story!

Last night, the answer finally came to me: Bill runs into the other main characters of my story (including the immune man Adam), and they decide to help each other out. Adam’s team has a ton of motion tracking devices. Bill has a tech head friend named Harvey. What they decide to do is take all these devices to Harvey and have him rearrange all the components into what basically amounts to one GIANT motion tracker. On top of this, there was one point where the mutant got wounded and they retrieved a sample of its blood. Therefore, they can enter a SPECIFIC PROFILE of what they are looking for into the motion tracker, and the only time they will get a response is if the creature is within the vicinity of their transmission. So all they have to do is pretty much drive back and forth across the country until they get a hit, and then they can take this beast out!

Hey, it might not be exciting to anyone else, but to me it was a triumphant moment. Then I fell asleep.

And in case some of you have this question on your mind, I cannot tell you when you will see this comic online. I haven’t heard from the guy who wanted to draw this in over a month. He can’t get back to my messages, but then he can post things on FB about Mangoville and other random stuff. What can I say? Sometimes people just aren’t as ambitious as me. Eventually, when they realize the level of devotion that getting into a project with me will require, they bail. That’s the only thing that stinks about this story: having to depend on someone else. Hopefully someday I will find someone with a similar drive, who will actually MEAN WHAT THEY SAY when they tell me, “Yes, I want to draw this thing for you. I want to publish it by the end of summer. I want to get so popular that we get invited to next year’s Comic Con, Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors, and the like.”

Is there ANYONE out there who could stick with me?


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