Rev Abs: Day 85 (Power Intervals 2)

I was going to do Fat Burning Abs tonight since I did Power Intervals 2 last night (which occurred because, once again, of my change of rest days), but I decided to get back on the auto-schedule for this evening. Also, this is my plan for the rest of Rev Abs: with Thursday being my rest day (even though the Super Gym shows one scheduled), I’m going to PUSH the rest of my workouts forward. In other words Thursday’s will be done on Friday, Friday’s will be done on Saturday, and so on until I am done. This means Rev Abs will wind up taking the full ninety-four days, but oh well…one more day won’t hurt.

This weekend I’ll wind up being alone, which sucks on one hand but not on the other. I’ve been going through parts one to four of my comic book scripts, scouring for plot loopholes and what not. Part one requires some minor grammatical changes, but parts two and three need a little more finessing than that. I’m going to use my alone time to comb through them in the screenplay writing software program Final Draft and make adjustments where necessary. The next step after that will be to type up part four…and while I do that from home, I will be using my breaks and lunches at work to start writing part five! Naturally, during this phase I’m also going to be looking for a new artist. I have a couple people who are reading part one, but I haven’t seen their work yet. Hell, I don’t even know if they like my writing…because this IS a two-way street, after all. (If they don’t like my story, then why would they draw it?)

As of this moment, the comic book is 1,613 pages. (By that I mean comic book pages, not screenplay pages.) Writing it has been one hell of a wild adventure. I think this tale has forced my mind to expand, to approach certain plot problems in unique, inventive ways. I don’t think I have ever been more confident in a story than I have been with this one. Hopefully I will be able to unleash it on the world soon.


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