P90X/Insanity Hybrid: Day 35 (Back and Biceps-Merciless Abs)

I knocked out Merciless Abs while I was working at Vanderheyden. Then I did Back and Biceps once I got home with the kids, but there was one big difference today: my 7 year old twins did the workout with me! Granted it meant I had to take longer to do the routine (because I have only one pull-up bar), but it was fun anyway. To make it so they didn’t wind up in a lot of pain, I told them to do fewer reps for each workout. Plus I assisted them on pull-ups (of course). Whereas I did ten to twelve pull-ups, I had them do only five when they started and then three later on when they were more worn out. It was lots of fun, and I hope to do something like this with them again.


About Steve Grogan

I am 40 years old, divorced, and a father of four kids. I am a practitioner of a self-defense system called wing chun kung fu. My other hobbies include writing, playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. Recently I have gotten back into fitness, and this time I am DETERMINED to get the washboard abs...whether my metabolism will cooperate with me or not! The purpose of this blog is to write not only about my hobbies, but also about whatever crosses my mind, whether it is something I don't understand or something that aggravates me. So join me as I indulge my tendency to think too much about topics that don't usually cross anyone else's mind!
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