GUEST POST: Revamp Your Exercise Regime in Five Simple Steps

Today’s guest post is brought to you today by Lisa Morton, in association with Tim Hayes Fitness. Read, enjoy, and contact them via their website at the end!

We’re about to enter the time of year where more exercise regimes hit a brick wall than any other. As soon as the night starts drawing in and the warm weather leaves us behind, our arsenal of excuses for not getting out and about for the sake of our health explodes in both size and creativity. And while one or two may be valid, the remaining thousands are simply garbage…sorry to say it!

So, why not make 2013 the year that breaks the mould in a positive way? Instead of awaiting what seems to be the inevitable and kissing goodbye to your health and fitness for another eight or nine months, why not be proactive and keep it going?

If the latter of the two appeals to you, here’s a look at three simple steps for revamping your fitness or exercise regime right now in order to keep motivated for the autumn months ahead.

Treat Yourself

Tip number one is to celebrate the impending autumn by treating yourself to some new gear. Think of it a bit like the way you motivate the kids to actually want to go back to school by giving them a small arsenal of new goodies and supplies to play with. They sort of forget the fact that it’s the same-old school it was before and are instead distracted with their new toys. So, get yourself a few new toys or items of clothing and you’d be surprised how eager you’ll be to go out and give them a go!

Change It Up

If you’ve been doing the same plan or circuit all throughout the summer, now’s the time to think about making up a new one for the autumn. For example, there are so many outdoor spaces that are more stunningly beautiful in the autumn than they are the rest of the year combined. And of course, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you’ll do and where you’ll do it when and where the weather has a particularly bad day.

Change Your Soundtrack

And while you’re at it, don’t ever overlook the importance of giving yourself a 100% overhauled soundtrack to exercise with in the autumn. Try out some new bands, revisit some old favourites or go as random as you like – the point being that change is good and necessary!


It’s pure and simple motivation that stands between you and all the success you could wish for over autumn and the winter to follow. And as there’s no motivation in the world than that which comes from another party, this is a great time to think about teaming up with at least one other person to share your routine with – or maybe join them on theirs. By coaching, helping and generally keeping each other company, your chances of keeping it up skyrocket.

Ask an Expert

And finally, if inspiration just doesn’t seem to be heading your way and you’re at an impasse, consider speaking to an expert personal trainer just for a few pointers. This doesn’t mean a lengthy contract or even a hefty fee, just a quick chat is all you’ll need to find thousands of opportunities for the most enjoyable autumn exercise you yourself may never have thought of.


This blog post was brought to you by Lisa Morton on behalf of Click here to find out more about Tim Hayes Fitness and their personal trainer Hampstead packages.


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