GUEST POST: Vegas-a Surprisingly Great Place to Get Fit

Here is a guest post from Bridget D’Sophia, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie.


Vegas: A Surprisingly Great Place to Keep Fit

Fitness has always been important to me – I used to spend countless hours at the gym. After a long day at the office, I would then go to the gym and not get home until 8 or 9 p.m It really wasn’t my favorite way to spend time; I felt like a hamster on a wheel, cooped up with dozens of other sweaty gym rats. But I continued this regimen, because I didn’t realize that there was any other possibility.

Of course my friends had advice: go for a jog outside! Ride a bicycle to the store! Be creative! For me, those ideas weren’t very useful, because I felt that my surroundings were unsafe and the air might be toxic. After I relocated to Las Vegas, I realized that a workout depends on where you reside. You might think that I would work out indoors even more than I had before! But actually, the reverse happened. Let me give you some details:

Five years ago, I moved to Las Vegas, which is not known for its health and fitness options. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to exercise outdoors, unless I wanted to drunk-walk the Strip for eight hours! I didn’t need to worry! This urban city actually has a wealth of natural, beautiful outdoor spots that are ideal for the avid exerciser.

Las Vegas has casinos and excitement, true. But what people tend to forget is that Sin City is actually located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, which is an extraordinary natural setting with many miles of fascinating bike trails. It is absolutely crucial that you know where you are, though. Before I hop on my bike, I check out this resource to find the safest bike trails. No one wants to get lost in the Mojave!

I love biking, but can’t always find time to visit the desert. But get this! The League of American Bicyclists named Las Vegas one of America’s Cycle-Friendly Cities recently. Speaking as someone who lives here, I can definitely attest to Vegas’s bicycle friendly nature! The city just installed bike racks and lockers in the downtown area, at a cost of half a million dollars. In addition, there are 390 miles of bike lanes in this town. It’s fantastic!

Visitors to Las Vegas can work out, too. Before I moved here, I visited a few times to make sure it was the right place for me. I made sure to stay at a fitness-friendly hotel, or one that offered outdoor fitness tips at the concierge desk. I didn’t know about this website before I took my trips here, but I wish I had because it allows you to filter hotel and activity search results by your travel preferences. Mine? OUTDOOR ADVENTURE!!!

Because Las Vegas is such a modern city, it offers more and more health-conscious items. I can’t count the number of juice bars, vegan, or vegetarian restaurants on or near the Strip. I’ve even seen cafes that cater to Paleo or other trendy diets! There’s only one real way to experience the great fitness options in Las Vegas. Come visit Sin City, and check it out for yourself!


If you would like to know more about Bridget and her ideas on fitness, feel free to reach out to her:

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