My First Acoustic CD, Brought to You by KICKSTARTER!!!

I know it has been ages since I posted, but this is something huge. Last night I finally launched my first Kickstarter project to raise money for an 8-song acoustic CD. For more info, visit this link:

And in case you don’t feel like reading when you get there, here is the story behind the whole deal.


A short collection of moody, introspective, almost-100%-acoustic indie/folk rock songs

I started writing songs back in 1998. For a long time I was not very good at singing, so it took me years to even play out. Finally I did in 2004. My first live performance fell on the same day I found out I was going to be a father to twin girls.

To my surprise, my partner at the time still encouraged me to get out there with my music. While I enjoyed doing acoustic tunes, my heart was set on rock and roll…having a band. So I got one together, but it was too difficult to juggle fatherhood, rehearsal, AND playing out.

Eventually I gave up on being in bands, and performing music completely. Every now and then I would pick up the guitar, but I wouldn’t write any new tunes. Whenever I tried, it felt like I was retreading old ground.

Then, about a month ago, I wrote my first song in ages. And you know what? It sounded fresh and new to me. My interest in music was reborn.

Ever since I wrote that new tune, I have been performing nothing but old songs. (In fact, this album is full of songs that are older than five years.) However, I have chosen to go with these because I still believe strongly that they deserve to see the light of day.

And this leads me to the project that you see before you. In the years since the performing part of my musical life began, I have become a father of FOUR kids. My budget is stretched to the limit. However, I think it is perfectly acceptable that even poor folks should have dreams.

Thanks to Kickstarter, you folks can help me realize one of mine.


About Steve Grogan

I am 40 years old, divorced, and a father of four kids. I am a practitioner of a self-defense system called wing chun kung fu. My other hobbies include writing, playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. Recently I have gotten back into fitness, and this time I am DETERMINED to get the washboard abs...whether my metabolism will cooperate with me or not! The purpose of this blog is to write not only about my hobbies, but also about whatever crosses my mind, whether it is something I don't understand or something that aggravates me. So join me as I indulge my tendency to think too much about topics that don't usually cross anyone else's mind!
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8 Responses to My First Acoustic CD, Brought to You by KICKSTARTER!!!

  1. tuhinmech says:

    Best of luck for the new start! 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    You do my man. Your video is brilliant and your story definitely pulls at the heart strings a little. I wish you all the best and don’t ever think it’s too late to follow those dreams. Good luck. Tim

    • wcman1976 says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I am glad the video had an effect on someone. Pledging ends May 23, with rewards going out to those who pledge as little as $2. That might not seem like a lot, but every bit helps!

  3. Paul Graham says:

    Good luck with the CD and the overall balancing act

  4. andleeb says:

    I think it is never late to follow your heart’s desire. If you have a knock on your heart you have to go for it , all the best.
    It was good to read your story and I can understand how much hard it is to maintain your jobs, family and ambitions. As far music with martial arts .. to mean a man with martial arts is a hard person who normally do not have a soft heart or sentiments or emotions to go for a music… just my thought …. but this combination seems amazing.

    • wcman1976 says:

      To say “a martial artist is a hard person who normally does not have a soft heart” is a very broad and (to be honest) offensive generalization. Most martial artists I know are also musicians. You need to visit some classes to eradicate this faulty belief.

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