Insanity Max 30 Day…1? Cardio Challenge

What’s that? Day 1? You may wonder if you are reading that right because the last time I posted, I was on day 36. Well, I missed far too many days on account of being sick. So I decided to start over from day 1.

Well, I made it only 15 minutes through before I started to feel nauseous. Why? Chalk it up to the fact that I went out to a movie, and then had ice cream after! Honestly I thought enough time had passed since ingesting the ice cream. Well, apparently I was wrong.

I had about an hour window of opportunity before going to the movie where I could have done the workout. Instead I chose to be lazy. Yet another lesson learned!

Speaking of lesson learned, I did my wing chun forms after the workout. I am really trying to focus on what Sifu calls the “biu jee mentality.” By that he means being intensely focused. What he wants me to work on is focusing my eyes on only 3 points when I do the form: one point will be when I’m facing straight ahead, and the other two will be when I’m pivoting left or right. This laser-like focus should really bring my wing chun to the next level, or at least I hope it will. I just started doing this so it has produced no results yet. We will see.

For now, I am enjoying a Tropical Shakeology blended up with mixed fruit. After that, bed time.


About Steve Grogan

I am 40 years old, divorced, and a father of four kids. I am a practitioner of a self-defense system called wing chun kung fu. My other hobbies include writing, playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. Recently I have gotten back into fitness, and this time I am DETERMINED to get the washboard abs...whether my metabolism will cooperate with me or not! The purpose of this blog is to write not only about my hobbies, but also about whatever crosses my mind, whether it is something I don't understand or something that aggravates me. So join me as I indulge my tendency to think too much about topics that don't usually cross anyone else's mind!
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