Wing Chun AND University Police Officer Training

Today was supposed to be my day of rest, but since I missed doing the University Police Officer training yesterday, I had to do it today.

There are only 3 exercises to be done for the agility test: push-ups, sit-ups and the 1.5 mile run. However, I added on an extra exercise (burpees) because it will help strengthen my legs, which would be good for Wing Chun AND University Police Officer training.

Now I would like to take you on an interesting journey through my mind, because sometimes I think it is interesting the way it operates (if I do say so myself).

So I had 4 exercises to do for the Police Officer test. I also know 4 Wing Chun forms in their entirety: Sil Lum Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee and the Wooden Dummy or Mook Jong form. Up until last Friday I haven’t been including the last one in my training because I don’t have a fully functional dummy at the moment. (I have the body, the limbs and the base, but they are not secured together at the moment.) Lately I decided, “Who cares if I have the dummy or not? I can do the form in the air!”

So we have 4 forms and 4 exercises. Okay, I knew how I would divide the day up: I would do one form and then one exercise, and repeat until I was done with everything. Pretty simple, right? Just bounce back and forth.

As I have said in previous posts, I like to do 100 punches at the end of each form. Today, that was going to add up to 400 punches. From somewhere in the back of my brain, I remember being told once that boxers like Mike Tyson practiced punching AT LEAST 1000 times a day. Since the punch is THE main weapon of Wing Chun, I decided I wanted to do 600 more punches to equal a grand. Although this was a good idea, it made me start to feel overwhelmed. Where was I going to place these 600 extra punches?

Then it dawned on me: I was already doing 4 rounds. 600 divided by 4 equaled 150, so I would tag these punches on at the end! So my training today looked like this:

*Wing Chun form plus 100 punches
*University Police Officer agility test exercise
*150 punches

That was the basic outline. This was how my day went in its entirety:

*Sil Lum Tao plus 100 punches
*Push-ups: I did 30, which is the goal for which I was originally aiming. Now I am considering raising that to 40, since that is my sit-up goal.
*150 punches aimed at chest height

*Chum Kiu plus 100 punches
*Sit-ups: I did 35 in one minute, which is the goal for the test. However, my PERSONAL goal is 40. This represents a giant leap, since last time I did 25.
*150 punches aimed at head height

*Biu Jee plus 100 punches
*Burpees: I did 23 in one minute. As I said above, this is not on the Police Officer test. However, for the sake of uniformity, I am aiming to do 40 per minute for this exercise as well.
*150 punches with a pivot

*Mook Jong with 100 punches at the end. I divided the punches here into the 4 different kinds (chest height, head height, with a pivot and with a step) and did 25 of each.
*1.5 miles run: Today was a unique step in the progression of my training. I did the run in 19 minutes 19 seconds, which is almost a minute longer than Thursday’s run (18 minutes 29 seconds). However, today’s run was more in line with the goal for which I’m aiming, which is endurance. The idea is to find a pace that I can maintain for the entire run without dropping down to a walk, and that is exactly what I accomplished today. Speed can come later; endurance is the first goal and the base.
*150 punches with a step: Rather than do these punches by moving back and forth across the room, I did these punches in the air while I did my run. The trick to make it not too bland was to change up the rhythm of the punches. I’d execute a punch after I hear my feet pounding the ground a certain number of times. So it would be like “pound-pound-pound-PUNCH, pound-pound-PUNCH, pound-PUNCH,” and so on until I got 150.

So there you have it, the summary of my “rest” day workout routine. Today’s run may have taken longer, but it achieved the goal for which I am currently aiming: run the entire time without slowing to a walk. I’m happy to say I achieved that goal.

Maybe employment as a University Police Officer is achievable after all.


About Steve Grogan

I am 40 years old, divorced, and a father of four kids. I am a practitioner of a self-defense system called wing chun kung fu. My other hobbies include writing, playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and listening to music. Recently I have gotten back into fitness, and this time I am DETERMINED to get the washboard abs...whether my metabolism will cooperate with me or not! The purpose of this blog is to write not only about my hobbies, but also about whatever crosses my mind, whether it is something I don't understand or something that aggravates me. So join me as I indulge my tendency to think too much about topics that don't usually cross anyone else's mind!
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