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Revamped Wing Chun and Fitness Training

Well, it has been a while! I have not felt the urge to write anything here because honestly there wasn’t much to write. I hadn’t been doing my forms or anything. For some reason, just after Thanksgiving, I turned that … Continue reading

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Further Wing Chun Training

I got curious as to what my Sifu thought would elevate my Wing Chun to the next level, so I asked him via Facebook. This is the laundry list of what he said to me: 1) Reflex practice in drills … Continue reading

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Wing Chun AND University Police Officer Training

Today was supposed to be my day of rest, but since I missed doing the University Police Officer training yesterday, I had to do it today. There are only 3 exercises to be done for the agility test: push-ups, sit-ups … Continue reading

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Martial Arts: Good Place for Discipline, Bad Place for Ego

I went to my wing chun class for the first time in ages yesterday. Sifu had me run through the wooden dummy form in its entirety, then told me to go through it slowly, section by section. We didn’t wind … Continue reading

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Why Martial Arts Forms Aren’t Useless

On many levels, Bruce Lee is an idol of mine. Why? Because he refused to follow blindly. He knew a true martial artist should question the way things are done, and from there come up with their own way. However, … Continue reading

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Humility, Thomas Carlyle and the Martial Arts

Lately I’ve been thinking about attending my wing chun class again for at least one lesson per week. That got me thinking about one of the most important lessons martial arts ever taught me: humility. As always, I’m going to … Continue reading

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Look at Me…the Latest LEVEL ONE SELLER on!!!

I was looking at my account on Fiverr, and it seemed like I’d met all the goals you needed to go from newbie to level 1 seller. I decided to write to customer support and ask what was up. The … Continue reading

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