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Training Notes

Rest assured, I have still been training. However, I have not had much time to post about it. This past Sunday, I went back to my first Wing Chun gathering in a long time. It was great, and I learned … Continue reading

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Future Training Plans

When it comes to training, I have a couple different things going on: there is my Wing Chun training, and my fitness training. For fitness, I am going by several home-based workout programs that I bought from Team Beachbody. When … Continue reading

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Further Wing Chun Training

I got curious as to what my Sifu thought would elevate my Wing Chun to the next level, so I asked him via Facebook. This is the laundry list of what he said to me: 1) Reflex practice in drills … Continue reading

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Further Fitness Research for My Wing Chun

Ever since I reopened the John Little book THE ART OF EXPRESSING THE HUMAN BODY, I’ve been doing nothing but study up on this concept of functional fitness. The way I see it, these are the most important things for … Continue reading

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Sil Lum Tao and Chum Kiu

I am halfway through this round of 10 Minute Trainer but, rather than post my thoughts about that, I wanted to post two videos of me doing the first two forms from wing chun. Please feel free to leave INTELLIGENT, … Continue reading

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P90X/Rev Abs Hybrid: Day 81 (Rev It Up-Merciless Abs)

Today has been a strange, long, drawn-out day. I had an appointment this morning at the CDL School of Menands. After that, there wasn’t enough time to go home so I went to work. Luckily I had time to do … Continue reading

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3 Main Features of Wing Chun (My Opinion)

This is my interpretaion of the style from what I have learned up to this point. Over time, my views may change. As of today, however, this is how I see things. Also, I don’t want this to be taken … Continue reading

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