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GUEST POST: What Happened to My Get Up and Go?

Today’s guest post comes to you courtesy of Kirsty Boden. ***** MORNING MOTIVATION As winter approaches and the cold weather sets in, I’m sure many of you will agree that it becomes more and more of a chore to find … Continue reading

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Isn’t P90X Hard?

In this video I address one of the most common questions I hear about P90X. It also happens to be the most common reason people never do anything about their fitness! There are only two options here: either you want … Continue reading

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Complacency=Living Death

I was reading something on Facebook where someone was griping about illegal immigrants who get rental assistance, premium- and copay-free medical assistance, food stamps and so on. Meanwhile the people who DO file a tax return and live here legally … Continue reading

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No Time to Exercise? How About No More EXCUSES???

Having finally escaped the 12 hour hell of working in a paper plant, I am now going to get back into fitness in a BIG WAY with a 10 Minute Trainer Fitness Challenge Group!!! Watch below so you can get … Continue reading

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Excuses vs. Reasons

My Beachbody mentors have started a group where we are reading a book called THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy. Each day we have to read a certain number of pages, and then we have a handful of assignments. Today … Continue reading

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