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Sil Lum Tao and Chum Kiu

I am halfway through this round of 10 Minute Trainer but, rather than post my thoughts about that, I wanted to post two videos of me doing the first two forms from wing chun. Please feel free to leave INTELLIGENT, … Continue reading

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P90X Classic Plus: Day 4 (Yoga)

My foot was still hurting me from my trip to Maine. I knew I couldn’t stand through and hour and a half of yoga. Originally I wanted to do Fountain of Youth, but even 48 minutes seemed like stretching it. … Continue reading

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Rev Abs: Day 89 (Rev It Up Cardio)

My favorite workout to do at Vanderheyden because (1) it requires no weights and (2) it is 43 minutes long, so it passes a good chunk of time. Tonight I added a little wing chun flavor to the Martelo Combo … Continue reading

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