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Revamped Wing Chun and Fitness Training

Well, it has been a while! I have not felt the urge to write anything here because honestly there wasn’t much to write. I hadn’t been doing my forms or anything. For some reason, just after Thanksgiving, I turned that … Continue reading

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Need to Rethink My Running Training

The other day was supposed to be day 1 of month 3 of my running training. For this month, I am supposed to run at a faster pace for 2 minutes, then drop down to my “normal” pace for 1 … Continue reading

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More Exciting News

Diana and I bought a DVD player tonight to replace the one that was stolen on us. Now we will be able to start doing 10 Minute Trainer together. Also, I found out a lot of cool things about my … Continue reading

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The Past Few Months, and Ideas for the Future

Well, it has been a long, crazy time since I got back from Swift. Yes, just the past couple months of my life have felt like a year…which sucks, because it makes me feel older than I am, and as … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions…about Employment

156 hours down, 84 more to go. I’m looking at approximately one more week of training here with Swift. After that,. I don’t know what will happen. My friend John wanted to team drive with me when our training is … Continue reading

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