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It’s about time, right? My zombie apocalypse epic THE REDEMPTION PROJECT will be out soon! Well, some of it. (By the way, I know this is off-topic for a fitness blog…but I HAD to get the word out!) I can … Continue reading

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New Blog Idea

Today was a brutal day at work. The machine broke down, so all the work normally done automatically had to be done by hand. Goes to show how even a workout nut like me has been softened and spoiled by … Continue reading

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Where’s That Zombie Comic?

I realize it has been ages since I gave any updates about the zombie comic I was writing. That’s because, after 2-3 artists bailed on me, I decided it wasn’t worth updating until I got someone who could actually stick … Continue reading

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P90X/Rev Abs Hybrid: Day 62 (Power Intervals 2)

Nothing like getting my workout done BEFORE Vanderheyden tonight! Today I am going to the company picnic for OCFS, so the first half of my day is nothing I have to be on time for. It starts at 12:30, but … Continue reading

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